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I have authored and co-authored almost 30 scientific publications including journal articles, book chapters, and a textbook. If you are interested in those publications, please see my Science page. This page is about my fiction writing.

Selection: A tale of fate, AI, and climate change

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Humanity almost destroyed itself. To survive the changing climate, we trusted every aspect of our lives to an all-knowing, all-seeing artificial intelligence, the Algorithm. With scarce resources, the Algorithm decides who lives in poverty and who lives in luxury to build an optimal society.

Omegas clean. Sigmas manage. Betas create. Alphas, lead.

No one questions the Algorithm.

SELECTION follows Sam, Jack, Jennie and Tabitha as they discover the Algorithm’s plan is more than it seems.

But do four people stand a chance against an omnipotent AI who may know them better than they know themselves?  

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  • Winner – Mike Resnick Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story by a New Author, 2022
    • For “What Would You Pay for a Second Chance?”
  • Honorable Mention, Round 1 – NYCMidnight 100-Word Microfiction Challenge, 2021

Short stories:

  • “What Would You Pay for a Second Chance?” – Galaxy’s Edge, Issue 59, November 2022.
The cover of issue 59 of Galaxy's Edge magazine. It has a robot with a destroyed helmet.