I have been playing around with writing and recording blues and rock songs for the last five years. Each new song teaches me a little more about the writing and recording process.

I have performed on the following recordings:

  1. Sacred Cows by Dave Heffner
  2. Singularity by Dave Heffner
  3. Be There by Dave Heffner

My SoundCloud profile has most of my recorded music.

Below are my albums (creatively named!). Album #1 is not in the order in which the songs were recorded. The first song I wrote and seriously recorded was Empty. Empty and My New Kind of Fun are my favorite songs on Album #1.

I don’t know where Album #2 is headed. As I continue to write more fiction, my song writing has slowed down. Don’t fret! I’ll get back to writing music soon 🙂

Album #1Album #2
COVID-19 BluesRock Instrumental #1
EmptyBack and Forth
A New Blue
Walz Number 1
My New Kind of Fun
No One Else
Techno Mix One
E Phrygian Metal
Love the Blues
An Evening Out